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Recruit Nurse is a recruitment company which specialises in the placement of nurses for the UK healthcare sector.

We work closely with candidates to find them roles that are most likely to meet their skillsets. Our experience in recruiting from an international pool makes us specially equipped to assist with the entire process from preparing for the IELTS to relocating to the UK. 

Coaching Services For the academic IELTS - Achieving a level 7


Working with Hospitals and Care Homes 

We work with healthcare institutions nationwide to fill vacancies with the most qualified nurses from an international pool


Nurses in the UK 

Leaving your home country to work as a nurse in the UK can be very daunting and our consultants are available to make the process as easy as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the process of international recruitment

Recruiting from an international pool can be a somewhat complex process and so we understand that both our clients and candidates are like to have numerous questions related to the process which is why we have provided a list answers to a list of frequently asked questions below. 

How long does the process take?

The length of the process is dependent on each individual case. For candidates who have already obtained the required IELTS, we recommend an average of 6 months from the interview process to your first working date! 

How much will the process cost for nurses

We do not charge for our recruitment services at Recruit Nurse, however other costs may apply such as IELTS, NMC registrations and some admin subject to need. Please contact our consultants for specific prices or more information. 

Do I need a sponsorship to employ international nurses?

In short yes. In order to recruit nurses outside of the EU, you will require a certificate of sponsorship. If this is something you don’t already have, we work in partnership with immigration lawyers who can help you with applying for one. 

Can anyone apply for the IELTS?

Our IELTS course is specifically designed to help you achieve a level 7 as required by the NMC. It is an online course which anyone can apply for. 



07935 048 637



Broughton, 68 Warwick Avenue, Milton Keynes MK10 7AZ